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Guest JenniferC

Hoping to be in Adelaide soon!

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Guest JenniferC

Hi there,

I'm just starting the immigration process and am hoping to come to Adelaide via a 475 visa. I just have one more itvw with an agent tomorrow to decide it's the best way in!!

Spoken to Ian Harrop who seems great and also speaking with Go Matilda tomorrow.

My background's journalism (TV, Radio and Print) but for the last six years my job's basically been Public Relations so hoping to get Vet assessed as such. Fingers crossed:)

If anyone knows of any handy tips please let me know and also of any good media jobs (reporter/PR/ Media Relations Officer etc) . I'll be hugely grateful!

It's nice to know there are so many of you already there and it's a much less daunting prospect as I plan my move. I love Australia and recently spent 15-months in Perth. I came back because I didn't find exactly what I was looking for work wise but at least if I come in on a 475 I can temp til I do.



Jenny :notworthy:

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Hi Jennifer, all the best with the start of the process, be patient with it as at times it seems like its never going to end, but can assure you it does!! We are going in Nov, so cant wait. Sorry dont have any info for you on jobs etc, but maybe some of the guys there can help with that.

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Guest JenniferC

Thanks Kelie, you must be so excited! I am daunted by the legal minefield ahead and all that paperwork, police searches (not that I have any sort of criminal record!), IELTS test etc, but I know it will all happen and can't wait. I just wish I didn't have to wait a year but I will be patient.


I hope your move goes well and you're really happy over there. It''s a lovely country.


Good luck!

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