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Guest alan smallman

The Brutons?

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    Guest alan smallman

    Hi to all!;)


    I'm trying to overcome the impending feeling of SAD that creeps up on me this time of year by watching 'Wanted Down Under' re-runs (I've also got 'em all on tape - how SAD is that?) Anyway, just watched one episode where The Brutons from Newport went to Adelaide and at the end of the show voted 'Australia!'. Does anyone know if they actually made it? Just curious.


    Have lodged our e-Visa and arranged medicals (have had to go as far as York for both x-rays and medicals). We're trying to get our 'kids' 21 and 19 on the application since they have been financially dependant on us (our daughter Hannah has studied in London for the past 3 years, and our son has just finished full-time college). They only have to have x-rays apparently. Is that right? At least that was what was highlighted when we applied to organise the tests on the DIMIA website. Has anyone else had to prove that their children have been Financially dependant on them even though they are 'adults', and if so what type of info should we include in our 'claim?'


    Have also been appointed a Case Officer (so they should help with clearing up some of the things we need to know but PIA is quicker!!) and the Hospital we've both got jobs at have committed themselves to taking us 'whenever' we get there!!! Obviously this can't be indefinate but how cool is that? The DoN reckons It'll be worth it just to have me entertain them! What's she sayin then (LOL)? Seriously, isn't that nice tho?


    No interest in the house yet but have had the Estate Agents Lettings person come 'round to kick it about a bit in terms of sussing out how much it'll cost to rent it out with them and how much we'll get for the place. We need a Corgi cert for the Central Heating and PAT tests on the cooker, microwave, fridge and dishwasher.


    So, it may be a goer still. We just need to wait for our visa to come through before we start committing the house either way.


    Just thought I'd post!!


    Cheers to you all:notworthy:



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