Been here 2 weeks exactly...

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    We arrived 6.30am two weeks ago today! Feels like we have been here a lot longer and it is so familiar anyway (cos we have moved a suburb away from DH's parents) its a bit surreal! Longest we have ever been in Adelaide is 3 weeks in one go, so maybe in 2 weeks time it will sink in that we are here for good???


    The house is in Glandore - and we are 2 mins walk approx from K-Mart and Coles (used to hate k-mart but actually its great for those householdy things I am going to keep needing to get, although the house has been amazingly furnished with borrowed stuff by our family before we got here...they thought of just about everything). We are about 30 seconds' walk from a brilliant park for the boys, and PILs even bought them a bike each so we are all set up for them.


    I don't think we have done too badly in setting up the admin stuff etc and buying a car, except with 3 young children in tow we can't get through half as many things in one day as most of the rest of you!


    We went to the bank and picked up our cards, got online banking and telephone banking sorted, etc, the first afternoon we were here. Good plan, cos getting into the city with jetlag wasn't high on our list of priorities!


    We had v bad jetlag cos even when the boys slept on the flight, and they did really well, we didnt sleep enough. I had insomnia (really bad timing!) and by the 2nd flight I was falling asleep sittiing up (so to speak) but the boys had had enough sleep and I had an 18 mth baby on (and off) my lap... The inflight entertainment on our plane wasn't really v suitable for the boys, and nothing interested me either. And for the first time ever, it was identical both legs of the flight - never ever had that happen before...


    Its taken us over a week to get over jetlag but the boys have had some amazing sleeps till 10 or 11am from going to bed at 7! Not sure whether we have really had jetlag or maybe just babylag, not had a night like that for 6 years...


    We chose our car about 4 days in, and got it a few days later. REALLY pleased with it. Toyota Avensis, 7 seater but NOT a 4WD and not a gas guzzler. Its amazing to drive and I am getting braver driving around (worried about finding my way really, I only drove here about 10 years ago, and I havent wanted to drive in-law car (too much responsibility) the other times we've visited). Was going to drive across the city today to see sisterinlaw but illness prevents play... was looking forward to getting there by myself but nevermind. They live nr Tea Tree Gulley...


    We've had 1 major family party here - about 15 of one side of the family for afternoon tea type party - and been to 1 funeral - thousands of the other side of the family - was a lovely occasion actually although sad too...


    The children have settled in amazingly, and love Australia apparently. Eldest came when he was 2 so kind of remembers it. We took them to Cleland yesterday, and got a family year's membership. Good value, I think we'll go back a bit...


    AS for admin - we've done medicare, driving licences, and that's about it! Slowly getting through the jobs but we seem to be really busy with just daily family life, getting baby back into decent routine, and stuff. Oh, importantly, DH had a meeting with a gvt dept about a potential pilot project for his job, but they need to meet again and he'll do a presentation etc cos its not an actual position, more like a service they are interested in him providing (health care related) and they need to consider budget / benefit etc.


    So the job hunt for him is slow but we are allowing ourselves a few weeks before it starts in earnest.


    We've tried 2 churches but not found one yet... got another candidate for Sunday but I want to ring them up and find out about youth church stuff first, not sure about their website.


    Oh, we've joined the library and the toylibrary although choice of toys bit disappointing, prob cos of holidays. Will go back in a few days.


    Our shipment is apparently delayed (bit cross about that) cos they were overbooked so the shipping company bumped it off the one it was meant to be on. So longer without toys, and more importantly for DH, his musical instruments, laptop, our pc and paperwork etcetcetc. Glad we brought so much luggage - really pleased with what I crammed into 4 suitcases, including a trainshed, track and some thomas trains! Glad we also brought a tonne of paperwork from current stuff in our handluggage. It'll get us by, but its just annoying that we are looking at Nov now for our stuff.


    Been to IKEA like everyone else, and got a babysitter tonight so we can go back and buy some desperately needed rugs etc and stuff. The house is very noisy with not enough soft furnishings to absorb the sound. The ceillings are v high and the floors are not carpeted - great but boomy.


    We have been so blessed to have many casserole visitors, some friends brought food to cook here for us all, and we have seen some of our friends we've missed for a long time. Got an invite to go up to Nairne on Sunday, and Picadilly in a few weeks, so thats good.


    Tomorrow morning the agent from the rental agency is coming round cos there are some things I want to add to the schedule of condition so we don't get clobbered later.


    What we are really missing at the moment is playdates of an appropriate age for our eldest - the other 2 are fine cos we know kids their ages - only a few but thats all they need. I need to find some local groups, and maybe a homeschool social group cos thats the only way I am likely to find a child his age not in school. At the moment we plan for him to go to school in Jan, although we'll visit the school after the holidays and maybe reconsider that so that he meets some kids sooner.


    Well I've waffled on etcetcetc!


    I havent been upset at all, only on Monday cos a friend was in hospital and going through a hard time and I can't be there for her as I want to be. BUt the family side of things is good, and parting at the airport felt fine, happy-sad, which was better than we expected.


    Thanks for all the tips along the way here in preparation for coming. There's been so much to read abut the preparation for the practical side of moving that has come in handy.


    And I too, as someone else had this problem I remember - will be wondering what on earth to do with our big wardrobe once it eventually gets here....!!!

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    If you are not going to start your son at school ubtil January, they may accept him at Glandore kindy still, so he could meet local children. Kindy is very informal, with lots of developmental play and it is usually only for 2 1/2 hours four mornings a week. There is also another kindy at SouthPlympton which is just around the corner from Bethesda which I think is where you said you were going to send your son. It's in a cul-de-sac next to a park.


    Oh and I'm glad you seem to be settling in. Glandore is a nice suburb and the community centre with its parks is a great place.

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    Guest donna T

    Welcome to Adelaide!


    It may be a little bit too far for you - but there is an expat playgroup on Tuesdays (even in the holidays)

    11am - 12.30pm

    Old Cottage Playgroup

    Bayards Road



    Plenty to do - bikes, prams, stcking and glueing, dress ups etc. Feel free to come along,

    Donna x

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    thanks for the replies! (and the invitation). my husband's auntie works at Glandore Kindy, and we will probably send our middle son there next year. I think our eldest can go to Tabor next term if we want so will probably do that if we decide he needs to do something before January, rather than start him in kindy cos he's done 2 years at a rather formal school (was lovely but would confuse him to go back to kindy-type environment). If DS2 was a bit older it would be good for them both to go together for a term, but he's a bit young.


    Anyway now we are settling in quite well I want to instill a bit more routine in the house with the boys and do some basic educational stuff with them both, maybe a project I was thinking, cos they loved Cleland so we might write about that etc and get some books and stories from the library. All our books are on the ship - only got a few here!


    Bonus for me today - they are dropping me off in the city and I am going to wander round by myself and go shopping! I have to say, I am baffled by the shops having only really bought bits and bobs before, rather than run of the mill stuff, like I need a long denim skirt - where do I start for that???? I don't really want to trawl round Marion, I think the City will be nicer.


    Might have to go to the shopping thread or something, and read that again. Read it before the move and it confirmed what I already suspected but now we are 'on the ground' it just feels baffling and a bit depressing...! I am not really intending to live in the past and buy my clothes from the UK all the time but I'm frustrated I can't find much I like yet... and disappointing quality most of it...


    Am I mistaken or is the 'Now' label I see in a lot of cheaper stuff what is sold in Primark in the UK???


    Tell you what though, bought some great rugs in IKEA last night and its really altered the family room (very big, boomy, and not enough furniture really - but with the rugs we have made it far more cosy and really improved the acoustic in there).

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