Guest andylynnchriskirst

Fate,or just a bad run?

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    Guest andylynnchriskirst

    Hi all,

    First of all Poms In Adelaide has been a fantastic site for us, learning so much for what to do or what not to do, places to go, jobs, travel, etc, thank you for all the tips.:)

    We are starting to think though that fate is playing a part in our attempt to move to our dream destination, it,s so frustrating . :arghh:

    First, Huge decision to for us to make, timing the move arround Chris(16) and Kirsty(15) education, no problems .

    Got ourselves an agent, thought was very helpful, told us we could go out through myself on pathway D, gathered all information required, (lots of it), paid fees only to be told once they had our money pathway D was shut temporarily, and will have to wait until reopen. 3 months later and a number of phone calls later we asked why we couldnt go through Lynn,s skills as she has nvq level 4 in preschool, told we could and would have to start all over. They had this information before we started , so why did they not tell us this would be the more chance route. Paid monies again (lost out on about £600). We got over this hurdle and back on track on visa 175 all ok with skill application and now waiting since April for visas.

    During our wait, uk has gone crazy with credit crunch in the headlines every day, so as watching our house lose value by the second. When we first decided to go we done our sums and worked out our plan for buying a resonably priced house once we get to Adelaide, now we find out prices of houses are rocketing in Adelaide, so it looks like our dream 4 bed house will be a shed.

    I had my business valued a month ago, but it wouldnt be worth alot if i cannot sell it , i can see the work load slowing up because of the credit crunch taking hold, so it lots unlikely we will get the funds we hoped for from that area.:sad:

    Is this fate or is it just bad timing to try to move to Australia, and does anyone else have as many hurdles, we knew this wasnt going to easy but give us a break please...

    Look forward to any responses on this sad excuse of a post:SLEEP:


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    Guest Ian & Diane

    Hi Andy,

    Was in a similar situation to yourself started process prior to 'le crunch' and we had properties to sell but couldn't sell until told to do so (visa type) so we had to sell this year and lost money then the exchange rate went belly up but if you believe can have a better life in OZ than the UK then follow your instincts and go for it,its a long hard road but if it's what you really want, do it!!.We are still in uk and moving out in march for good can't wait!!



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    Hi Andy, sorry we are soooo like you!!


    We had decided to go to Australia 2 yrs ago then after numerous complications with agent not dis-similiar to your problems we resolved our differences and got back on track with new visa and thought things where plain sailing!! NOT SO...:realmad:


    We had checked out the property prices in Adelaide and in our home town of Belfast and thought we where in to make a nice amount of money that would have allowed us 2 nearly live without a mortgage. The thought of this was driving our motivation and of course the lifestyle we thought we would then achieve with no mortgage. :arghh:


    We had initially thought i would be able to stay at home and not work with 3 lovely kids, again not so...:cute:


    Currently we cant sell our house (DUE TO CREDIT CRUNCH!!) and have to rent it. Husbands business wasnt worth the money it was last year, so not as much funds out of that as expected.

    So as a result i will now have to work, we wont be able to afford the nice 4 bed with pool and we will have a larger mortgage than what we have in Belfast!!!


    HOWEVER, we cant wait to get there and start our new life:wubclub:. We know we have money ahead of us in the future when the housing market picks up again. And more importantly we know we have fought hard to get this lifestyle we should make the most of it when we get there( NOV 08). Especially considering the amount of people on PIA awaiting visa patiently and sometimes not so Patiently!!!!


    So hopefully you can remember why you wanted to go and try and keep that as your motivation.


    Thinking of yous



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    Guest skellysgirl

    The thing is one its gonna get worse here , and there is more to life than finances,

    We know any edge we had has been lost to the credit crunch, but we know we are gonna struggle either here or there.


    make a plan and write it down and what you have to do to achieve it

    stop thinking of your business and home as your personal possesions and start thinking of them as a product your going to sell and just how you can maximise them products and get rid of them quick, once your rid of them it frees up some of your responsibilities

    And i think you need to be a little tougher with your agent, your paying them ( a lot by the sounds of it) to cut your hastle

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    Guest caoimhe

    I think it is bad timing, we started the process March 07. We have just agreed a price on our house that is £105,000 less than it was worth last year. We thought we were going out mortgage free but now if we can afford a house it will be with the biggest mortgage we can get.

    We are also on a temporary visa so will get NO help with their equivalent of family allowance or tax credits, so we have to totally support ourselves for nearly 3 years, this didn't seem so scary last year but it is now.

    At the minute I am sitting with the rain pouring down and 4 kids bored and wanting to go somewhere but after taking them to the cinema last night and spending 60 quid and last monday taking them out when off school and costing 50 quid I am skint, if it wasn't raining we could even go to the park but this is Northern Ireland were it rains for 9 months of the year and falls off the trees for the other 3 :arghh:

    My kids are constantly on computer games and I can't wait to be able to plan family days out that won't fall through because of the weather and won't cost me a fortune. I just want the kids to stay kids for a while and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that Northern Ireland can't offer but Australia can

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    Jacqui - I know what you mean about the weather today is just awful don't think it's going to get light or even stop raining. I don't have any childeren but I really think for you having 4 boys you must tear your hair out on days like this. I don't care what anyone says the weather does make a difference and at least you can get out for the day even if it's only to the local park. I sometimes feel scared about leaving my home, family and giving up a good job but when I see people like you, I think we have it easy. Good on you for giving it a go, at least your boys may get to go outside instead of being stuck on the computer all day.......just like I am now !! Hope you get to your move soon.


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    Hi all,

    just picked up this thread............

    I have been VERY lucky; sold my house after 4 viewings; or 8 weeks on the market. And only 10k less than i was asking,so £235k. Considering a 6 bed 2 1/2 bath solid house with all mod cons, in a nice area..........Bargain.

    Had excellent buyers too, willing to wait until i heard about my visa etc. Moving out on the 7th Nov........hopfully if the visa comes thro'......flying out on the 16th!!


    Hang in there guys, there are buyers, and someone will show up soon!!



    Fingers x'd for you all



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    Its not just you. I think these set backs are there to test our resolve of wanting something!!!

    We made the decision in September 06, when house prices over here were bouyant and the prices in Adelaide looked reasonable too. Now like you stuck with a house that didnt sell after one year on the market.

    Our agent told us the process would take 10 months. He was slow in responding to us, when the TRA skills applications eventually went in Nov 06, we were told we would have a reply by Christmas, not so. The reply from Australia was lost in the post and they would not tell us or our agent what the outcome was, pestered agent to request duplicate many many times, eventually in came at end of Feb 07, with a YES. Next stage, had to fill in lengthy form and get statements from friends and family, sent it all too him and no response, he had gone to Australia for a few weeks and didnt inform us, we sent emails but no response, no response to telephone calls either. When he did come back, we were told the forms had changed and had to be redone, also the statements from friends and family he said had to be redone by not mentioning we were engaged. I popped a blood vessel at this point.... sacked the agent. We did think, is this a sign we shouldnt be going... then heard they were changing the rules in September 07 which would mean we wouldnt get into Oz... more deliberating and got a new agent. Very professional compared to the old one and filled in all the forms for us, just sign here and here and here. great !! Application lodged 26 July 07.

    Agent left company to go back to oz... oh no. got a letter from the Australian government confirming receipt of application and due to back log it would be 18 months before application considered.

    New agent contacted us, again very professional.

    This bit you will like, we were on holiday for 2 weeks at Christmas, doing the usually things of drinking and eating in excess when received a phone call from our new agent... telling us we had been requested to do medicals which had to be done before 10 January 08. What a shock we thought it would be months before anything would happen.

    Went for medicals and Andrew failed as is blood pressure was too high, a combination of rich living and white coat syndrome. The medicals had cost £500 for the two of us and again we had to ask the question, do we continue with this VISA as the cost of getting his heart checked out by a specialist and him doing the report would be £600. What a rip off, 40 minutes in total for these checks but heart healthy and nothing a few little pills for the blood pressure would sort out.

    So, VISA granted in March 08. YIPPEE. Cost in total just short of £5,000.

    We are not getting any younger, so with house not sold, thought, what the heck, lets just do it and go. Never seen Adelaide. House now on the market for Rent, but no tenants as yet!! thats a big worry now too!

    Had our Bon Voyage party last night, lots of tears!!

    We fly on the 15 October and will be in Adelaide towards the end of October.

    Its been an experience but really excited now and hoping Adelaide meets all our dreams and expectations and make lots of new friends too. We feel we cant let this opportunity go by without trying it, despite all the good things about our life here.

    Good luck to those waiting and in the process and lets hope , like us, things suddenly speed up and the journey begins!!

    Carole and Andrew x

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