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Info needed!!!!!

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    Guest markshelley

    Hi all,


    Me and my hubby are hoping to move to Adelaide June/July next year and would really appreciate any info on any schools in Adelaide (not sure what area we're going to yet) and any known websites that we can check out.



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    Hi Mark and Shelley;


    have you looked at the DECS (dept for Education and Childrens Services) website?.

    I used it a while ago......... hugely informative. It lists local schools etc, and affords a little insight.

    State schools are very catchment orientated, with all that entails; private a little less restrictive.........

    Most schools have details on their own websites; and Wikepedia can have some reasonable info.


    Rachel, on this site, is a teacher, i think, and usually has excellent advice/ tips etc.


    I have contacted a couple of schools, who responded positively.


    When you do move, if the kids are already in school, their current head teachers are best to ask for an acedemic report/ detailed personal account. You will also need their red books for vaccination record if under 13!


    Hope it helps



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    Hello if you mean me jane I'm not a teacher, just have the benefit of being here a long time, finishing my schooling here and my kids have or are doing all of theirs here.


    The decs website is really useful, it lists schools, their websites and also you can access the context statements here which give you info about the area the school is in, the background of the families and whether teachers get brownie points for the complexity of working there.


    However there are an awful lot of schools, so it would probably be easier to research some areas you think you might like to live and then look at the schools within those areas. If you come next year your daughter will be either yr 4 or 5 and your sons in yr1 or 2 depending on when they were 6. Have a good look at the high schools in the areas you narrow down, because if you do choose to live in these when you come this is where your daughter will be heading in about 3 years.


    My tip is to read the High schools newsletters if they have them on their website, you can gain an awful lot of info from how the kids successes etc are mentioned, whether the front page(usually the speel from the principal) is full of behaviour reminders, in one high school this seems to happen every week. BUT you can't really make a decision until you have visited and seen what the school looks and feels like to know whether it will be right for you and your children. There are also a lot of children shifting between privates so paying fees doesn't necessarily mean the school will provide what you are looking for either.


    Primary schools are not usually zoned, but High schools, especially those perceived to give a child an advantage are zoned. It is possible to apply for a high school out of your zone, but it is not always successful, depending on numbers, your reason for doing so etc.


    Private schools are not zoned, it's just whether they have a place and you can afford the fees.

    Again there are quite a few private schools here, it's just a matter of seeing which ones sound right for you, then visiting. There is a list of private schools here....

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