Guest Carkyde

Holidays in NZ

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    Guest Carkyde

    Hi all


    Not wanting to p on anyone's parade but when we were in Sydney about 18 months ago we went to NZ so we could validate visa.


    My opinion is that it was more expensive to get there than we anticipated. The flights were quite expensive and we found NZ quite expensive in comparison to Oz,( we only went to the North Island).


    Just thought I would mention it as I have read on the forum that some of you with 3 or 4 kids are planning on doing this but I would advise you to look at the costs involved. It's not just a short hop across the ditch!!


    As I say it was just our experience, we cut a planned 6 week visit short to 3 weeks as we found it expensive.



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    Guest sarahsmartiepants

    I thought this too, but would hope they have looked in to that first and foremost


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