alittle advise on flights please xx

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    just some advice really, flying out in 16 days flying with emigrites to dubia (how are they with the kids, we have a fussy eater on board! )

    any advice when we land in oz what do, take what not to take?

    can you take a laptop in your hand luggage,

    what would have you took/done if you could go back(not that you would want too hehe)



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    You usuallycan take a laptop on board with you. The weight is not included in your hand luggage. Have you looked into the childrens menu to see what there is and ordered it with the airline? Usually children get their meals served early,meaning they are not getting hungry(whiney) and you can hopefully enjoy yours when it comes. Pack some snacks that your fussy eaters will eat.


    From their website....

    Child Meal (CHML)


    This meal may be ordered for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years.

    It contains one or more of these ingredients: chicken, fish, fries, pasta, chocolate, crisps, crackers, milk and dairy products, and fruit and fruit juices. A vegetarian child meal can also be provided.


    Entertainment for Kids

    A world of entertainment is available on every Emirates flight, promising something for every member of the family—especially your children.

    TV, movies, and more


    Your kids can watch the latest films, cartoons, and more on their own personal seatback TV. We also offer dedicated children's channels and special brightly coloured headsets for our younger passengers—just ask your cabin crew.

    Audio channels


    Music-loving children will love our great selection of radio, podcasts and CDs including the latest hits.

    Interactive games


    Exciting interactive games are available on all flights, including something for children of all ages. Enjoy a simple game of Four in a Row or test your reactions against Tetrix. You can take on the computer at Backgammon, a fellow passenger at chess, or everyone on board your flight in the Trivia Challenge.

    Just for children


    When it’s time to shift gears and do some reading, Emirates has just the thing with 3,2,1… and e-kids, our exclusive children’s magazines. They’re filled with stories, jokes, puzzles, and fun facts that are sure to entertain.

    Special occasions


    If your child is travelling on his or her birthday, notify one of our Reservations agents, and we'll happily prepare a special cake as a gift to celebrate your child’s happy day. Time-permitting, we’ll also take a Polaroid of your family as a complimentary memento of your flight upon request.

    A view that’s out of this world


    With our Flying Camera channel, your child can get a pilot's-eye view of take-off and landing, as well as en-route scenery. They’ll also be able to follow the plane's progress, altitude, and airspeed on a dynamic map linked to the onboard computers through the Airshow channel.

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    Guest nichola

    Although not flown with kids I have flown with Emirates twice now and can only praise them. Service is excellant. I'm sure they will make sure the kids have a great flight and try to make it as stress free as possible.:jiggy:

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    Guest lippy

    We flew out with Emirates with a 2 yr old. They were absolutely fantastic - they went out of their way to help entertain him and find food outwith meal times and always speaking to him when passing - little things I know but he enjoyed the attention and it took his mind off of the dreaded seatbelt!!!


    Would definately fly with them again!



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    Don't try and take any food into Australia.


    If you do have any, in hand luggage or in your suitcase, make sure you either throw it in the bins provided or declare it.

    They are really hot on this. We forgot about some biscuits in our suitcase once, which we'd bought on a stopover in Singapore (as you do when you haven't had much sleep with 2 young kids in tow) and they were threatening us with jail !! Welcome to Australia !

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    Guest rowy

    Well we just did a reccie with Malaysian. And all I can say is they seemed very used to 3 and a half years olds on board!! She had her food well before us, lots of little toys in each box, and food that could be kept back too, like bread rolls, drinks, snacks. I think emirates will be just as prepared. She slept a good deal of the journey and I had a bag with a million things to do in it!! They did question us on arrival and asked if I had brought any marmite with me!! Wish I had actually, Vegamite is not the same! Good luck with your move, Penny :)

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    Guest Trakki

    We flew with Singapore airlines and they were fab. It is probably similar on most long haul flights. The kids got theirs first and Sophie 5 who is a really fussy eater ie she should be dead through lack of nutrition by now!! had plenty to eat. The kids meals had loads of variety from the hot main meal, bread roll,sweets, yummy pudding, drinks etc She was not hungry and we didn't use the snacks in the hand luggage. When we arrived in Australia, we had some sweets in our bags and they were fine, it is really fresh produce they don't allow. The sniffer dog at the airport targeted my bag, this was because the bag use to be my mums and asome point she had had some fruit in it. The lady looked in my bag there and then, was lovely and caused no probs. We had declared baby milk, marmite etc that was in our suitcases and had no problems at all. For the flight we had stuffed the kids bags fulll f things to do and they didn't really do any of it, they either watched the tele, played the games, ate and slept. The handluggage though has been handy since we have arrived as they have had plenty to do until we get our stuff.



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