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    Im looking for any advice on the one day Vetassess course in Accrington to assess General Electricians or any info on courses to brush up on skills in preparation for this course.


    This reason im so worried is i qualified 20 years ago within electrical installations and since then have worked solely for Npower working on incoming supply and meters hence my job is very specialist and as such applied to TRA under Electrician Special Class but they have declinned my application stating im more a General Electrican and as such need to apply to Vetassess! not really the case but who can argue with them.


    Obviously with the Vetassess course costing £1000 only occurs every 3 months and the fact im nearly 44 it is really worrying me.


    Plus does anybody know if you can re-apply to the TRA under a difference job code as was thinking of re-applying under my new job as a tv, broadband and satellite engineer (electrical tradesperson 98% meet criteria) but my agent has brushed this off.


    Any help in any of these areas would be appreciated.



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