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Is there any point...?

Guest LukeM

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Hey all,


Well, first of all, I've been pretty much absent from both PIA and PIO since about the middle-end of July now, so I thought now that things seem to be changing loads worldwide, I'd come by and let y'all know what's going on?


Basically, we have a letter now confirming my mum's job offer in Adelaide.


But what I'm really thinking now is, will the whole thing be worth it?! Is it, in the current financial climate, worth continuing our Visa application when there's high chance we might not be able to sell our house for enough to buy up in Adelaide and that the UK is supposedly on the verge of recession anyway?


I just got a part time job (I hate that) haha. And now I'm at College and I love it here. JOY!


How we all goin' anyway, and happy Ozz'ing...


Any thoughts on my thoughts that are troubling me will be much appreciated as ever. :)

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That's not good! Well it's my parents in charge of ye olde Visa anyway so I guess it's up to them and I can't really alter their decision. Who knows what's going to happen in Sunny England anyway!?

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Is it worth it? Only you can say. Just because one person likes living here doesn't mean you will.

As for the house thing. Rent your house out in the UK and rent here until things turn round. Then you will be able to sell your house for what it is worth and you will have more cash in the bank to buy the house you want here. Also it will give you and you family the time needed to decide whether Adelaide is or you. If you decide its not then no worries you will have a house to move back to.



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