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Ten Pound Poms - TV Program

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    There's a really interesting documentary on BBC2 tonight (Saturday) about the Ten Pound Poms who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s/60s.


    It was on TV earlier in the year and is worth watching.


    Shows you what has happened to some of the original Ten Pounders, what it's like to emigrate for the long haul.

    I know it clashes with X Factor (8.10 pm - 9.00 pm) so maybe record it somehow or watch it on iplayer.

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    Guest bobby

    hi there ten pound pom good program i went to sydney in 1961 to 1969 came back to uk

    i should never come back the only reson i came back home sick ness iam freinds with dan&steph they were good times in ozz land if i was u go back to lte 4 me noe 70 years age

    good luck to u bobby x ten pound pom

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    Can't wait to watch this, my uncle is a ten pound pom in Perth, him and his family struggled like mad when they went and it nearly broke their marriage. Now he is a millionaire!! Has been for 30years, he is 65 now and their time in Perth has been nothing but wonderful.

    Wouldnt it be great if that happened to us all!!

    Ill be watching, maybe he will be on there?

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