Introduction - 12 months late

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    Just realised I registered on Poms In Adelaide a year ago, just before we came over, and then forgot to introduce us. So a belated Hi! :err:

    Neil 40, Nicky 39, no kids, Shaunie (greyhound) 10, both originally from London but lived in Chatham, Kent for the last 16 years.

    Tried for 5 years to get out here via skills, business and other visa options without success. :sad:Eventually we got here, at least temporarily for 3 years and hopefully long term, with me as an international student. Now finishing 1st year of a journalism degree at UniSA in Magill and hoping to get into sports journalism eventually.:GEEK:

    Enjoying life in Adelaide although visa restrictions mean we are both only allowed to work part time so having to keep an eye on finances.

    Good times for a football (not soccer!) mad pom to be in Adelaide and have already got my ticket for Adelaide Utd’s Champions League Final. :notworthy:

    PS I like smilies!

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    Guest katsmajic


    welcome to pia lol ;)


    good luck with the studies xxx

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    Guest Django

    Welcome to the boards eventually 1.gif


    I haven't posted much on here either since I joined (17.gif ) :biglaugh:


    As you can tell I like smilies too.;)



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    Welcome Neil and Nicky.

    What part of Chatham did you live in.We bought our first house at Princess park back in 1990.

    I bet you miss the chavs and chatham girls lol

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    Thanks for the welcome messages everyone.:jiggy:


    The studies have gone really well thanks kats, especially as I hadn't really done any further education type stuff before, except a short Home Study course which was what got us out here in the end. Two weeks to go then its the 3 month summer break.:D

    If anyone is on here in the wee small hours you may see me as I'm a bit of a night owl. Til 3.30 last night and probably about the same tonight.:SLEEP:


    Glad I'm not the only smilies freak around:o Me thinks some people actually post quite a lot really don't we Pete.


    Thats pretty amazing hammer! I'm guessing you're a claret and blue fan strangely enough by the way. Nicky grew up near Shoreditch and I was from around the Chingford / Walthamstow area. We moved to Chavham in 1992 and lived just off Street End Road near the drivng range and allotments. Then moved to the other side of the hill, Princes Park and lived just off Princes Avenue until last December.


    I'm a proud adopted Chavite (actually scored 57% on the Facebook Chav Test) and spent much of the last few years following Chavham Town Football Club as match reporter.

    Were not far from you now either at Para Hills West and have friends in Wynn Vale and around there.

    I would put another smilie in now but there's a quota limit of 4 per post, so ;-( instead

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