things are going good so far

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    hi guys got to be quick coz in the library!!! again i live in the place

    well we are still in the shack but the good news is we move into our brand new home on the 12th dec so thats great news, the kids joined the school last week and love it!:jiggy:

    the hubby started work monday and he thinks its great :jiggy:so all in all we are happy.

    i will post a long piece when we get the internet on in the new houses, so yes i do like aldinga beach its a nice area and looks like we are here for the next 12 months



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    Oh Sue,


    Im so glad for you, many thoughts go through your head when you've landed in a new world.

    Im sorry you didn't come this way though!

    Enjoy your new house when you move.


    Laura xx

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