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    We have been to Port Adelaide today to collect 4 boxes of our goods which we have moved out ourselves.

    This may be of help to anybody in a similar situation.

    We decided that we needed more of our personal items in Adelaide, but had nowhere near enough to fill a container.

    We found that a company in the UK called VOOVIT offered to supply boxes and collect them once packed. As I say we had 4, and VOOVIT charged £80 to deliver and collect the boxes and arrange the shipping.

    Should say that we had about 110 kilograms in the boxes. They communicated by email, and seemed very efficient.

    The boxes left the UK 9th September.

    Shipping agents this end then contacted us with details of the ship and arrival details, and charged us A$212 for the process.

    We had to personally clear them through Customs and Quarantine, but all of the people we dealt with were extremely pleasant and helpful. Customs & Quarantine cost another A$126 so all up our 4 boxes cost in total A$526 or £223 approx, which we thought very reasonable.

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    Guest BAZnDAF

    that sounds very reasonable to me, and thats the way we will be moving our stuff.


    Thanks for the information.



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    Guest brandyslad

    Great info, this is what we are thinking of doing. Def not enough to warrant a container but there are still things I want to send out.

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