Nintendo Wii - On offer

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    For anyone thinking about buying Nintendo Wii for their kids (or thier husband) JB Hi Fi are doing a gr8 offer this weekend only.


    1. Wii console

    2. 3 games

    3. 1 remote

    4. 1 nunchucker!!!!


    Normal sale price is £499 but they are doing the package for $399 for 4 days, finishing on Sunday. Only one per customer.


    We have searched the net and this was the best deal. Of course the beauty of this is that if anything goes wrong with it you can return it easliy.


    We got our in Marion but I'm sure all the stores are doing the same deal.


    Be quick if you are interested coz 3 people in front of me got them too



    Happy shopping


    Karen x

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    Guest graandjac

    :)Harvey Norman might just beat that, buy any tv over $500.00 over the weekend and get a wii free.....worth thinking about


    After rushing down there ...........the misses miss understood the advert............thought it was to good to be

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