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    Called ASPC again the other night, as we had heard nothing off them after a promise of reply within 2 weeks. The guy we spoke to told us we had been assigned a case officer AND he had already looked at our file!


    Just one problem though . . . everything has been approved except the de facto evidence, apparently there is a letter in the post asking for extra info :unsure:


    Has anyone else had this problem? Also, if the relationship is not approved, will the visa still be granted to the main applicant? As I may be able to get a student visa :confused:


    Any help greatly appreciated!


    Cheers, Lucy x

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    Congrats on the case officer..big step foward!!


    On the defacto stuff....we sent everything from photos, evidence of mortgages and insurances, pensions, cards with names, concerts/holiday tickets, bills which showed a common address, statements from friends and rellies......


    We sent anything that proved we were together. I'm not sure bout one getting a visa one not.....i think both would get a no...sorry!


    Good luck...look forward to a beer when you arrive!



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