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State & private pensions from uk

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    Guest redfoxy

    Can anyone answer these dew basic questions please ?


    There may to 2 different answers for different visa people !!


    We are on an SIR 495 so officially we are temporary residents until we get permanent visas. We are in our 40;s


    What is the cut off point to deal with pensions so we do not loose any money ??


    What happens to our State pension uncluding our serps contributions ? should we inform the revenue that we are residing here ? should we carry on paying our stamp ?


    When should we see a specialst to get our pensions transfered here ? and can we actually do that if we are only temporary ? what if we go back ?


    Its so complicated but it is too early stages for us to do anything and there is too much else going on in our lives at present.


    Can anyone give us basis help on these questions which I am sure other people will also want to know too ??



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    The questions you have asked are all very individual, what is right for you may not be right for someone else. If yo go to see many of the Pension Transfer companies they will more them likely advise you to transfer your Pension over and charge you a lot of Fee's. It all depends on your own circumstances and lots of other factors, like the type of Pension, how much it's worth, is it a Private pension or final salary etc etc.


    I offer a no obligation initial consultation and will advise if it is right for you or not, I have been specialising in this area for quite a while now and you should really take Professional advice on this as there is lots of legalities on this issue.



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