The champagne will be out tonight!!!

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    Just received an email to say that our permanent employee sponsored Visa was granted on 28th November 2008!!! We have been here just over 16 months so its a great feeling to be now classed as permanent-they can't get rid of us now!!! Do we have to tell anyone, medicare etc or do we just carry on as normal?





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    Hi Joanne,


    Congratulations on getting your PR visas.


    From the sounds of it you've gone from a 457 visa to a RSMS (857) visa.


    You'll need to get your new visa labels in your passports first and foremost, then update your details with Medicare and register with Centrelink for your family assistance payments.

    Also if you bought property within the last 12 months you can claim for the First Home Owners Grant.


    Hope that helps,



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