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Guest Cal

PlayStation2 Parental Settings for DVDs

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    Guest Cal

    I was playing an Australian DVD on my PlayStation2 (seems that works if your DVD player doesn't) but for the first time I was told to enter a password to change the parental settings. I had never set a password before so I was quite confused. I assume other people have had this problem with their (or their kids) PlayStation2.


    Many people have never set a password according to various websites so I decided to post this so that people don't face the same problem I did.



    1. Insert the problem DVD
    2. You will be promted for a 4-digit password. Enter 0000 (normal default) or if this doesn't work enter the master/back-up PlayStation2 code which is 7444
    3. Enter a new 4-digit password that is easy to remember
    4. You will be asked to enter it a second time to remember it
    5. Your settings should now have been saved.


    You can use your new password whenever you get this problem again. If you forget your new password just use the master 7444 code to reset it.


    If you want to disable it all together then follow these steps:



    1. The parental control menu can only be accessed during DVD playback. Be sure that you have inserted a DVD and that it is playing before continuing. You may need to enter a passcode to initiate playback.
    2. While the DVD is playing, press the SELECT button to bring up the DVD control menu.
    3. You should be presented with a series of icons. Highlight the Stop icon (a square) and press X to stop DVD playback. Do not exit the menu!
    4. Next, select the Settings icon (a briefcase) below the number 7. Press X to enter the Settings menu.
    5. Scroll down and select Parental Controls. Press X to enable its options.
    6. Be sure that the Region setting is set to your current country or region. This ensures that DVD are handled properly for your area.
    7. You will also be able to set the control level by selecting a value between 1 and 8. A value of 1 will require a passcode to play any DVD. The higher the setting, the less restrictive the parental control will be. You may also set the DVD control level to Off. DO NOT EXIT THE MENU AFTER SETTING THE NEW CONTROL LEVEL!
    8. Warning: The Off setting will completely disable the parental control feature. The PlayStation will never prompt for a passcode regardless of the nature of the DVD.

    9. With the parental control menu still showing, eject the DVD and remove it from the tray. If your PlayStation does not reset, you should manually switch it off by using the power switch in the back (or by holding the Reset button until it turns red on second generation consoles)
    10. Leave your PlayStation switched off for 5-10 seconds before attempting to power it back on. Your settings should have been saved.

    If you use Windows Media Player on a UK computer to play Australian DVDs then you will be asked to change the region... bare in mind that this can only be done 5 times (even if you format your computer).


    Or you could avoid all this by getting a multi-region DVD player!

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