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Parental Warning!

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    Hi all parents and kids that post on here

    Just been having a browse through some of the new posts and read one that had been psoted in the kids section.

    Please can everyone remember a bit of basic web safety - ie don't give out too much personal information in an open forum. There are kids on there who give their names, their schools, even their class, and others that have pictures of themselves as avatars as well as that info.

    While I'd love to think everyone reading this forum is above board and honest, you really can't be too careful so if you're a kid posting, please keep the in depth personal stuff off the open forum, and if you're the parent of a kid posting, perhaps a gentle reminder might be in order!

    Sorry to do my Mum thing but it does worry me a little....


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    Guest Guest75

    Never hurts to remind Diane .

    People forget this is a forum open to the world.

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