No Flies On Me!

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    Cazzie and I have just returned from 2 fab weeks in the Gold Coast, and I have some exciting news for all of you who, like us, are driven mad by the ever-present flies in Adelaide - there weren't any! Unbelievable but true. I thought they were an Australia-wide pest, but we never saw any on the beach, the balcony, walking the streets, at the theme parks, nor even at the very green and rustic Currumbin Wildlife park! The only time we were ever bothered was when eating outdoors when they would buzz around the table, but these were real flies, not those obnoxious midget ones that try to invade every orifice the minute you step outside in Adelaide.

    As you might imagine, we are now very tempted to move to Queensland!

    Does anybody else have experience of files, or a lack thereof, in other parts of Australia in the summer months? Or maybe you can tell us that we were lucky due to the recent flooding in South-East Queensland?



    PS - The other side of the coin - our flight home was cancelled due to heavy rain and low-lying cloud at Coolangatta Airport (the only horrible weather of the holiday). We ended up being bussed to Brisbane and arrived back 7 hours late!

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    Guest Roo1

    Awwl, glad you had a nice time on the Gold Coast and an even better one without the flies!!

    Cazzie, we have missed you on the Friday Walks!!!

    Hope to see you soon

    Judi xx

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    Guest tooeasy

    one of my workmates comes from western australia and he said they dont get flies there either thats the one thing he hates about adelaide is the flies he said its something to do with they have dung beetles in western oz and not here :confusedxmas:

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