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Sex frogs...........

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    A young lady goes into a pet shop to get herself an exotic pet. She looks

    around and sees a box of live frogs with a sign

    that says, "Sex Frogs $20--Guaranteed to work or Your

    Money Back."


    She sheepishly says to the young man behind the counter that

    she would like to buy one of them. He boxes it up and tells her just to

    follow the instructions in the box.


    When she got home she read the instruction and followed

    them exactly:

    1. Take a shower

    2. Put on nice perfume

    3. Put on a sexy nightgown

    4. Lay the frog down beside you on the bed

    5. If there are any problems just call Bob at the store.


    She laid there awhile and after nothing happened she called

    Bob at the pet store and told him the problem. He said for

    her not to worry he would be right over. When he arrived she

    said the frog just sits and there and I am very disappointed in

    my purchase. He said for her not to worry and turned to

    the frog. Bob picked up the frog and looked directly into his

    eyes and said very sternly, "Watch me. I am only going to show you how to do

    this one more time,"

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