Ok How much..

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    Guest ReadyPenny



    Yes this sounds about right. The allowances are very low if you are coming from outside of the EU.



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    Guest soggy
    It seems ok to me, you can't bring a lot into Australia anyway, cos we make a lot of stuff here. Most people bring back spirits, not wine.


    I would like a lot more if I had to spend time in Liverpool:biggrinxmas:



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    Hey Simon you are falling behind the times, dontcha know Liverpool is now the hippest happening place after the European Festival this year. Where would the world be without .....Ferry to cross the Mersey, Australian footballers wouldn't be able to save Liverpool and Everton FCs from themselves......Our friends John, Paul, Ringo and oops the other one. There would be no pans of scouse and that old chestnut on TV ...The Liver Birds.....AND a lot of Britain's migrants left from there......It's not the leaving of Liverpool that grieeeeeeves me......


    Besides the Garlo World Tour is also visiting London, Copenhagen, Paris, Nantes, Amsterdam and Singapore. Tshirts on sale soon. Other merchandise may also be available.:winkxmas:


    May you sell lots of Coffees this Christmas:emoticon-signxmas:

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