Guest Martin and Val


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    Guest Martin and Val

    Please can somebody help before I go out this morning and spend some more money that I would rather keep in the bank.

    We finally got our container delivered two days ago and we are slowly getting things sorted with the exception of the TV's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We brought two good quality TV's with us a Toshiba and a Samsung both have built in digibox English free view.

    They don't work! I cant even get any terrestrial channels with them and thats after resetting them back to default and searching!!:arghhxmas:

    I thought they would work even if only the normal bog standard 5 channels. What can I do or need? Do I have to go and buy two Aussie digi boxes?

    We also brought an English digi box with us and I thought maybe that would pick something up but no such luck.:noxmas:



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    I would say, yes you need the aussie set top box, that is what we had to do for our TV's to work, but they were older and didn't have the built in box like yours. They are about $50 I think, so not too bad.

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