Guest mightyBouch

Reccie Flights Booked!

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    Guest mightyBouch

    Well I have booked my flights for my reccie next year!

    I have friends and family to visit as well so I will be flying to New Zealand on 25th March for a few days and then on to Adelaide on 1st April (no joke!).

    I will be in Adelaide until the 8th and the back home via Brisbane.

    I am really looking forward to seeing what I have read about on the forum!

    My wife says she will not go to Oz again until she moves there and the kids want a good present bringing back, so it is a bit of a jolly on my own!!:jiggy:



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    Guest Tiddlypush


    we will be there about same time we have flights booked leaving here on april 1 to Adelaide then on to Brisbane on 12, then leave sydney home for 20 april. Hope the weather holds up for then.

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