Alan Collett

SA Wanted Skills List to Change

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    The Government of South Australia has announced that its list of wanted skilled occupations is to be amended from the start of 2009.


    The SA Government's newly designed website advises as follows:


    Immigration SA would like to advise clients who are planning to apply for sponsorship under the State Sponsored (Permanent) or State Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visas that these Lists are being revised and will be published in their entirety on 1 January 2009 on this website.


    Immigration SA would encourage clients who would like to be considered for sponsorship to lodge a valid online application prior to 31 December 2008 as we are unable to advise at this stage which occupations may be affected.


    Any occupation that is not on one of the revised lists from 1 January 2009, will not be considered for sponsorship.


    See also:


    Best regards.

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