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It comes in 3's

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    Though you might like a laugh at my fishing report I posted in a local forum for 30/12/08


    Not so much a fishing report as a category of disasters yesterday.


    I'd got the entire day off from chores .Too windy for slipping the boat out so I thought it might be worth a day on Port Noarlunga Jetty - hopefully the blow would bring in some Salmon to play with.


    Well the fishing was crap,a few small Trevally put up an honourable fight and that was it in 6 hours

    No one else was pulling either.


    I was changing a rig and need to remove some line,lazy old me decided to bite it off - big mistake.My teeth kind of slipped one of my front teeth snapped clean off!!! Fortunately no pain but boy is it noticeable - and I laugh a lot


    So off I goes home to sort out a dentist ( why can't you call a Dentist "Dent" but you can call a Doctor "Doc"?)

    Arrives home to a phonecall to say a golfball had bust a window in one of our rentals

    Got that finally sorted out at 9.00pm - the golf ball owner is coughing up for it I'm glad to say.


    Last but not least - I did not put any sunblock on yesterday - after all it was cloudy............. big mistake.Remember me taking the pee out of Mrs Tyke for getting burnt and looking like a smacked panda?? Well I look 10x worse - serves me right.


    Hang on - that's 4 things??


    Oh well - plenty more great days to come.Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend as I've a mate visiting from the UK,dying to take him out for a spin on the boat


    Have a good new year everyone!!


    Update............ Can't get into the dentist until 9th of Jan so I'll be looking like Steptoe for a while :biglaugh::biglaugh:

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    Guest guest569

    Serves you right Tyke for posting that AWFULL lie about me recently.:P;)

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    Guest Django

    If it happened in a sitcom you'd have said 'yeah right like that'll all happen to one bloke'. :rolleyes::biglaugh:


    Thanks for giving me my first laugh of the year Russell. :biglaugh:



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    Well mate i am waiting for the 3rd thing to happen........


    Our washing machine died yesterday.............cnt get engineer to it til they open again on monday....


    then we decided to have a bbq with the neighbours yesterday we bought some snags they only poured fat out everywhere....and set the bbw ob fire we had to disconnect the gas bottle and get the neighbours fire extinguisher to put it funny as !!!!!

    Check out pic on other post.


    Just waiting for the 3rd thing but all clear today......dnt want to do anything just in case might stay in the house for a week or so...

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