Janine and Richard

Family Allowance?

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    Hi Guys

    Happy New Year to everyone. Just thinking out loud. I have obviously seen from the posts on here that with a temporary visa you cannot claim anything in OZ. (not that we claim anything here) anyway... Can you still get your family allowance from England as you are temporary resident in OZ?? Until you are a permanent resident?


    Regards Janine

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    Guest Devon

    Happy New Year to you as well :jiggy:

    I think that I've read on here before that you can't but as no little ones wouldn't know for sure. Hoping that by bumping it up someone else may be able to give you sound advice.

    Unfortunately the temp visa does seem to cost a lot more for most things. We've applied for pr and have been given an interim pr medicare card whilst application is processed. I didn't realise that whereas we had to pay for eye tests before on the temp visa we now don't have to :jiggy: going off track there but just to let you know there are quite a few differences between temp and pr

    Good luck

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    You are obliged to tell the relevant UK department that you are leaving the country - if you don't they MAY catch up with you and you will have to pay back what they have given since you left the country.


    Edit: if you are to be here for less than a year, they may look on that as 'temporary' otherwise, anything over 8 weeks and it is supposed to stop.

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