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medical cover on a 475 visa?

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    Guest lewnimatt

    Hi All,


    We are hoping to move to Adelaide next year on a provisional skilled regional visa 475.


    Do we get cover with medicare? What happens if you get pregnant whilst living under the provisional visa - will medicare cover or do I have to get private cover??


    I've read that you need a overseas visitors health insurance policy if you are going under this visa and that the cover for pregnancy is v expensive and can only be used after having the insurance for 12 months - does anyone know if this is correct?





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    You don't get Medicare on a 475. I think that you may get assistance with labour and birth and immediate postnatal care, but you don't get antenatal care or immunisations etc. All the details are on DIAC though,


    Jo xx

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    Guest bev_stef



    Good question we were thinking about this over the christmas break, and our agent has checked with medicare and advised the following.


    Hope this helps.



    subclass 475 visaholders from the UK are eligible for Medicare under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) between the UK and Australia

    - this (in essence) allows for the reimbursement under Medicare of treatment that is "medically necessary" (including attendance at doctors and medicines)

    - you can obtain a Medicare card as a subclass 475 visaholder; this is a slightly different colour to the standard Medicare card, and will have the word "Reciprocal" on it

    - as you can access Medicare there is no entitlement to exemption from paying the Medicare Levy on your Australian assessable income

    - it is recommended that private health care is obtained to supplement Medicare

    - there is less of a choice of private health care providers for those accessing Medicare under the RHCA: we have an Agency with Australian Unity (Agency Code F03439 - if you decide to go with them it would be super if you can mention our Agency Code). See also Medibank Private. In both cases I believe the appropriate cover is their Healthy Cover for Overseas Visitors:

    - once you have lodged your application for permanent residency you can obtain full Medicare cover: you do not have to await permanent residency visa grant before accessing full Medicare

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