woolworths in the uk

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    just logged on and we still have uk site msn that shows up first, just seen a 'goodbye woolworths' on it:( aarrhh feel so sad in a way coz we loved woolies, pick an'mix, buy 2 get one free(great with chrissy presents etc) and the dressing up cozzis was boss, its a shame how the uk is going. The shopping mall in our area in the uk is shutting shops as we speak so am told:(everytime someone rings us its not a good thing they tell us about our area, afew shops every week is shutting down

    feel alittle guilty but glad am here:)


    sue xxx

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    Guest Brummiebill66

    I have to say i use to find wollies a dump,poor staff and didnt bother to price most items cds,vid ect so glad to see the back of it,But do feel sorry for its staff,The fact shops are closing down will be world wide inc Auss.

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