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Hello everyone!

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    Guest captainbacon

    Hello Everyone,


    We've been reading posts on PIA for ages now. We have just received our sponsorship agreement on a 475 back and thought it was about time we put together a signature (everyone else's has been making us jealous!) and post a "hello".


    We are coming over at the end May for a week for a high optane reccie. Apart from the obvious of looking for different areas we would like to live and generally scoping it all out, what should we definitely do?


    Thanks All,


    John and Anita:policeman::jimlad:

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    Guest Guest75

    Hiya Capt.


    You'll be doing a helluva lot of driving.


    Adelaide and it's suburbs cover a lot of ground now.


    2 factors will decide = proximity to work and schools.


    I'd try and decide what style of suburb you want.








    That will narrow it down a bit.


    When looking around go off the main roads of suburbs you are looking at - there are some hidden gems :D

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    Hi, Welcome,


    like Russel says, a lot of driving involved.....................


    Research, research and yes, research.... if you can get into a few estate agents and register with them, it might help!!


    If you have a particular intersest, eg golf, try and organise a game with one of the expats; my oh will be happy to oblige!

    Bring plenty of prawn cocktail crisps....................and i will be ur mate forever!!! oh, and above factor 30 suncream.



    Hope it all goes swimmingly.





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    Just wanted to say hello back and welcome to PIA. Good luck with your reccie in May you lucky spuds.


    All the best.



    Kim x:)

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