Janine and Richard

Electronic Application System!!!!!

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    Hi Guys


    I'm starting to get my hopes up for our visa's (475) been told by our agent that we will be allocated a case officer by Feb 13th 09.


    Our appliction eventually went in, in March 08 (for those of you who know us this has been going on since Jan 07)


    But... I have been checking on the electronic application system and nothing changes am I looking in the right place? I put in our TRN number, then my date of birth, then my passport number and then country.


    Is this the right place to keep looking to see if anything has changed on your application? Please help!!!!

    Regards Janine :wacko:

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    Guest BAZnDAF

    Yes it is the right place, but i beleive they don't update it all the time, someone told me they have their visa and yet their medicals are still outstanding!!!!


    I check it every day, no idea why, seems pointless... maybe better to just forget about it untill the agent says you got it!


    but i know your going to check every day like me, its an addiction!




    Good luck

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    It is the right place but my agent told me it is completely incorrect, as are their time scales. If you have an agent, they will be the first to know anything before the system can tell you.

    I was just about to chase our outstanding medicals when we got the call to say the visa was granted.

    Just dont check it, its incorrect and drives you insane

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    I know what you mean Daf it drives me nuts but I cannot help but look nearly everyday at the application. I think I'm not going to look today what's the point... But then I think today could be the day! However, until the last DIAC email I was getting fed up I have phone Oz twice and they have looked at the application and said it is waiting to be allocated. And as I hadnt got anything to add to the application e.g job offer they said there was nothing they could do.


    Hopefully not long now so we can plan our lives for Oz or get on with them here. I just want to know one way or the other.


    Well ive droned on long enough now take care Janine x :)

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