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First Snapper caught.

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    Caught my first ever Snapper today - thanks to a poster on here who I'll call my Aussie Fishing Buddy or AFB for short .


    Through a local Aussie fishing forum forum AFB has given me tips/advice and encouragement - amongst quite a few other on there.


    So AFB thought it was time to take my new boat out and go for Snapper.


    A very early and dark start - no idea where we went but it was a long way!!!


    I must admit I was a little nervous as there was a bit of swell out there ( nothing to you long term fishos I know) - that + pitch black for the first time was quite unsettling.AFB was driving the boat,I was just not confident in those conditions + I wanted to see what AFB's opinion of the boat was. Glad to say he was pleased with her!!


    BUT as daylight broke we stopped as we saw some likely images on the fishfinder.


    In no time I was "on" - not a massive one by the pics I've seen on fishing forums here -AFB giving plenty of encouragement and advice.


    So in no time there was my first Snapper!!!

    Must admit I came out with a few choice ,celebratory swear words


    AFB then hit one of the same size.


    I was really pumped now and had Snapper lust plus the sea was calming somewhat.


    Well to cut a long story short they were it for the day,had a good few more bites but no takers.


    AFB was constantly giving tips and certainly showed me stuff I'd not read about or would have thought of myself.


    I very openly would like to thank AFB for taking me out and arranging that first Snapper.

    I'll never forget today,stuff dreams are made of for me - and why I moved here from the UK.

    The whole day felt like a "Hunting expedition"

    Great to see what the boat can do and get the seal of approval from an experienced fisho!


    A small and average day out for some but my first!


    I only got 2 hours sleep last night but I can't feel tired at all - perhaps the adrenalin will wear off later this week


    What's for tea?............................ SNAPPER!!!!!:biglaugh:



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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    Nice one tyke.

    Had a small one off the beach last week along with some salmon trout.

    Gonna try and get some more hooks wets later on in the week.

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    Good effort Tyke couple o nice ones there, my mrs has just done da snapper dish for work, and it looks lovely.


    I will have to get some fillets and get some cooking.


    nice one.

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    Guest Guest75
    So Tyke, how was tea then????


    It was Bl@@dy luvverly - Mrs Tyke cooked one - stuffed with lemon,onion and butter.

    Waaayy to much fish for us.


    I'm overdosed now!!!



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