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Tow bar for a holden commodore V6

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    Guest rockpool crab

    Hi there,


    We recently bought a Holden Commodore (not the estate), the car and I reckon we'll need to put a tow bar on it.


    Could anyone please recommend a good garage for this or do you think I should just go back to Stillwells on the North Road (i.e. the garage that sold us the car).


    Any idea of cost would be helpful too. I'm hoping as it's quite a common car the tow bar shouldn't be that expensive..(fingers crossed).


    Hope you can help.


    Carol Ann


    PS..forgot to's a "Lumina" idea if that makes any difference

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    Guest rockpool crab
    Try contacting this company They are the sister company of the firm I work (we make towbars too). They should be able to help you as the parent company has preferred fitters for our cargo barriers so I assume they would for the towbars as well.


    Hi there


    Thanks for the speedy response! I've emailed them. Don't imagine I'll hear Right...time to get out in that sunshine and head to Glenelg ..I fancy a go at "thong throwing"..has to be done...tiz Australia Day after all.:v_SPIN:


    TTFN..Carol Ann

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