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Birth cert issues

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    Guest 0125dannydanny

    I don't expect anyone else knows about this issue but thought I'd try!

    I am a female to male transsexual that has been on hormones over a year and very happy living as my true self. In the uk I can apply for my birt cert to be changed, so it has male on it and my new name...But not until I've had a passport for 2 years...(this is to show that I am 100% sure this is a life long thing).


    Now if I apply with my old passport I'd need to show my deedpole name change..I'm not bothered about te powers that be knowing about my past but am worried they would just throw the application in the bin!


    I was also wondering how I'd find out if it had bcome law in Oz that trans people can apply for birth cert change? so at a later date I could change it.


    Anyway hope this all makes sense .



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