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How much do 'A' class electricians earn?

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    Guest bessie

    Hi everyone!


    was just hoping someone who lived in Adelaide would be able to give me an idea of how much an 'a' class electrician would earn (industrial preferred!) in and around Adelaide?


    a) is this enough for two adults and three kids under four to live on?


    b) is there much work available?


    just been looking at rental prices and trying to figure out if we can afford to live!


    also does anyone know what 'benefits' (i mean family allowance that every permanent residents gets) we would be entitled to? as we will have three young kids?


    i'm an oz citizen but left oz when was very little so have no idea of Australia child tax credit etc!! -


    thanks to anyone who has any ideas on the above!!

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    my hubby is a electrician, the pay seems to be anything between $25-$30 per hour for licenced electricians, work has been bit thinner on the ground lately, not so many jobs advertised and i know a few who have come over have struggled a bit to get work, dunno if OH was just lucky but he got a job within a few weeks of us getting here, but then that was 10 months ago when things werent as quiet.


    You should get family assistance if you are PR and i dont see why you shouldnt live pretty comfortably on a electricians wage, we have 3 kids also and we have been managing just fine, we was renting at $375 a week to give u a idea on what we was paying, have just brought our own house now and mortgage is bit more each week and we do fine, so im sure you will be too.


    You can go to the family assistance website and put in ur details at a rough estimate on what ur hubby may earn and how much rent u are willing to pay and kids ages etc and it will give u a rough idea on what family assistance you should be entitled too



    look under services available online and u will see the estimator


    hope this is of some help :) and good luck when you get here


    Dawn x

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