Fitness Classes?

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    Hi everyone,


    We will be landing over there in March and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good fitness classes? I go to a great one over here, run by a local instructor and its her independent business - not part of a gym. I have an aversion to gyms! I would love to attend something similar in Adelaide. A community group thing would be great - maybe based in a school or something? Do they do that sort of thing over there?


    The harder the class the better! Not really into Pilates/ Yoga - prefer more cardio with a bit of body toning thrown in ;)




    Jo xx

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    Guest JulieG



    Depending on where you end up.


    I go to the Blackwood fitness centre. The place would probably be closed down in the UK! but the classes are great. Lots of choice of classes and one of the instructors, Mandy is great really get you motivated. I've done classes for about 18 years and she is one of the best instructors I've had.


    Hope this is some help.

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    Guest Roo1

    Hi Jo,


    I used to be a member at Noarlunga sports centre, Fitness First, in the southern suburbs. It cost around $12 a week and you had unlimited use of classes, gym and swimming pool.

    The classes were really good and you worked up a big sweat. I'll be joining again after my baby is born to shift those extra kilos!!:arghh:


    Judi x

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