Guest mornachew

What to bring!!!!

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    Guest mornachew

    Hi all,


    Im looking at going over to Oz next year.


    Now that alot of you are over there what do you wish you would of brought with you!! (excluding family!!) :)


    Do you think its worth buying a good BBQ over here then shipping it??


    TV's - - I beleive they have different receivers so leave them here!!


    Suncream?? Is it cheap over there?


    You get the idea!!idea.gif


    This information will be of great help to me and others that can learn from your -- I SHOULD OF TAKEN THAT!!


    cheers hug012.gif

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    Guest Django

    Sun cream is cheaper here and comes in litre dispensers (sp?)


    I would also wait to buy a BBQ here. They are cheaper and bigger.


    TVs can be used here but need a top box to pick up anything.


    The only thing I would bring with you is an open mind and loads of positive attitude.


    Look forward to seeing you over here



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    Hi,we came out 5 sept 08,stuff arrived 21 12 08,we spent 2000 quid shipping it over,and it almost all in our garage here,exept the PCs,Software,games a few 3/5 draw chests and photos,portraits,personal stuff.Think carefully,as not only will it cost you,but you may end up virtually giving it away when you get here.All i can say is,if you can live without it for 3 or more months then!!!Stuff here aint that dear,and you can get real bargain basement stuff till you get on your feet.ATB Billy.

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    Bring everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We had a big clear out before we came here and there have been loads of times we had to buy stuff we gave away or got rid of back in the UK.


    Garden tools are a bit of a pain, they have to be spotless with all traces of soil etc removed - wish we had bought our strimmer but gave it away - need to buy one now!


    Hope this helps




    PS Haven't forgotten the email for you - still sorting it out - won't be long!

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