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Driving to Melbourne

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    Guest mebourne

    We're going to be driving to Melbourne after spending a week in Adelaide. I know it can be driven in a day but we're planning to do it over two days with an overnight stop half way because we've got two toddlers and 10 hours in a car would be way too much in one go.


    I was planning to just go the quickest route via Horsham but I was told recently the coastal route via Mt Gambier is very beautiful, so now I'm undecided.


    Does the Mt Gambier route feel a lot longer than the Horsham route? How does the drive compare - quality of roads/scenery etc? What about good places for lunch stops and overnight stay? Is it worth going Mt Gambier given we probably won't have time to stop and look around at all?




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    The great ocean road is absolutely beautiful and even if you are only stopping for lunch you can have a look at the beach, as everything is along the coast, would recommend Lorne:idea: for a stopover it is absolutely gorgeous, we stayed in the caravan park, it was lovely.


    Its a pity you didnt have few days coz the 12 apostles is also great!!


    Enjoy yourselves anyway!!



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