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    Hi,our rental is around 2 yrs old and has Aircon only in the main living room,the rest of the house is toward the west and the bedrooms are like furnaces at the moment.Looking around the house i know everything has been done as cheap as possible,looks great but is like a cardboard box.Anyway the owner is not at all reasonable and those here before us had a difficult time getting their bond back,even though when we moved in there didnt seem anything worth mentioning.Now our twin house next door has become empty(owned by the same person as ours)The recent neighbours were here today,sent back by the Estate Agents with a list as long as your arm of things to "put right",finger mark on window etc etc,they have to pay 400 dollars for a new carpet,because of normal everyday wear 100 dollars per floor tile with a mark on,God the list goes on and on.Ive requested aircon to the rest of the house and been politely told to shove it,so come end of lease,ill do the same,impolitely!Some of these cowboys are crooks,out for a quick buck,so Beware Newbies!

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    Rotten swines............................sound like a baddun there sue!


    Also guys; when you agree to rent, take pictures and list any "faults" or issues, giving the agent a copy as soon as you can after moving. This will afford you some protection.


    always keep a record of when you contact the agent / landlord..........itemised bills are good for this, and make sure you record what the issue was!


    Keep a record of any inspections and make sure you keep the document they leave for you...............................try to be there as well, not always practical, but try and have 1 respnsible person looking out for your intrests..............................



    go on recommendations too; and if you have a bad experience, put it on here for all to be aware

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    Guest cornish Busdriver

    G'day Jane.

    I did as you say, had a good look round picked up over 30 faults that they missed and took pics plus made them come out so they could see for them selves.

    So far i have had a few problems with the house but they have been sorted realy quickly.

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