Any Surveyors in Adelaide ?

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    Hi All,


    First time on this site and must say very interesting reading all the "chats".:o


    We are looking into moving to Adelaide, my husband is a Surveyor (called - Surveying Associate in Oz). We know we qualify for a state sponsored visa to Adelaide, but really battle to find much information regarding employment although surveryor is on the shortage list for the region.


    Can anyone give us advise regarding salaries or any useful websites. It would be great to chat to a surveyor and find out what the jobs prospects are in Adelaide.




    Byron and Lindi:D

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    Guest Max_vn

    Hi ischa,

    I am a surveyor too and now applying for SA sponsor. As Labour Economics Office South Australia, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR) wrote in October 2006

    Occupational demand

    The ABS Census in 2001 recorded around 325 employed surveyors in South Australia compared to 270 in 1996, this represented an increase of 17 per cent. Around two thirds of surveyors are employed in the property and business services industry with a further ten per cent employed in government administration and defence. Demand for surveyors is influenced by the level of building and engineering construction activity. The value of SA building ‘work done’ increased 2.8 per cent in the June quarter 2006 to around $910 million, the highest level on record. However, the value of building approvals – a useful indicator of forward demand and activity levels – declined for six consecutive months up to August 2006, and was 5.1 per cent lower compared to August 2005. There has been a substantial increase in engineering construction activity in the State over the past few years and the value of engineering work ‘yet to be done’ is at a historically high level.

    Given growth in both engineering and building construction activity, demand for surveyors has probably increased. Employers contacted for this research reported a slight reduction in their surveyor workforce size over the past 12 months, but this was due to their inability to fill vacant positions. Some of these positions were created by former employees establishing their own businesses. The workforce of licensed surveyors represents a sub-set of the total surveyor workforce and in 2006 there were 154 licensed surveyors in South Australia, a six per cent increase compared to 2005.

    Occupational supply

    Entrants to this profession have usually completed the Bachelor of Geoinformatics and Surveying course offered at the University of South Australia. Up to 1994, there were around 24 commencements per annum which yielded around 13 completions each year. However, there was a substantial drop in the number of commencements in 1995 resulting in an average of 11 commencements per annum to 2006. Consequently, the number of completions also fell to approximately seven per annum in the period to 2005. In response to these low student numbers, the University of South Australia will not be accepting new enrolments into the course in 2007. Based on DEWR projections, there will be around ten completions in 2006 and seven in 2007.

    Employer and industry comments/current labour market

    A survey of employers who had recently advertised for surveyors showed that 50 per cent of total vacancies were filled within six weeks. These results were consistent with employer comments regarding the difficulties they experienced in recruiting surveyors. Of the total applicants, 33 per cent were deemed by employers to be suitable and the ratio of suitable applicants per vacancy was 0.8. The main reasons given by employers for rejecting unsuitable applicants were lack of experience and relevant qualifications. Some employers indicated a willingness to be flexible in their recruitment practices, e.g. employing people who lacked surveying qualifications but had extensive building and construction industry experience. Employers noted that market rates of pay have increased in response to the current shortage.

    Labour market outlook

    Supply of new graduates to this occupation will continue over the next few years as a result of enrolments to the degree course in previous years. However, since there will be no new enrolments in 2007, the most recently enrolled students will graduate in 2010. It is likely, therefore, that current shortages will persist and may be exacerbated by 2010.


    And about the salary for surveyor, as the Insitution of Surveyor, Australia said


    Age Group










    but that they said, Im not sure? So does anyone have any ideas:sad:

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    Hi Max-vn,


    thanks for the info. We not really finding much regarding jobs for surveyors online, although it's on the shortage list for SA.


    Did anyone experience the same problem ?


    Max-vn - how are you going about finding a possible position ?


    Is it better to approach companies directly, seeing that surveying have so many different fields ?


    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Guest The Wise Family



    My OH is a building surveyor and we have been here four and a half months. He is currently working for a council here. He did manage to get a job over here before we left the UK as there does seem to be a shortage of building surveyors here.


    What sort of surveyor are you? In the Uk OH was RICS chartered building surveyor and that has helped him become a full member of the AIBS, Australia Institute of Building Surveyors here which is good. He is finding the job very different in adelaide. In the Uk he did mortgage valuations and that sort of thing but here he is more like a building inspector. He does want to get back to doing mortgage valuations but he has to be a member of API, Australian Property Institute. He can´t join this yet as he needs to have a years experience to qualify.


    I don´t know if this as helped you at all but good luck with your visa any way.



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