Accomodation when on reccie ?

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    Hi All,

    From a cold and very very white Northampton. The snow is lovely but after being stuck in doors for 5 days now with a 18month old, it's kind of loosing it's attraction ! :dull:

    We are planning to go over to Oz end of March, planning to spend most of our time exploring Adelaide - this is where we will be moving to (hopefully !). Can anyone recommend nice (and affordable) self catering accommodation. I really do not want to stay in a hotel, want to get a feel for the place. We want to be close to the beach but also not too far from the city. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Another question, which areas would you recommend once we move out to Adelaide. Just want to get an idea on rent and do reccie when we go over. We’ve heard Eden Hills are very nice, is this so ?

    What is the best website to use when looking at rentals?

    Thanks, the info on this site is very useful.

    Lindi (32), Byron (35) and Kieran (18months)

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    Guest Lulujim

    Hiya -


    Here are the places we stayed when on our reccie. Found them really nice, clean and go teverything we needed. We too have littleys, and liked the pool, play park, jumping pillow etc on site (and the washing machines too!)

    Adelaide Shores is right by the airport and has buses running outside straight to the CBD and Glenelg.

    Both were right on the beach too!






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    Guest The Pottertons

    Agree with Alexis- Adelaide Shores does look lovely. In a perfect location to reccie too! We stayed on the beachfront at West Beach which is again really good location wise but is very quiet- although we did spend an evening drinking wine at the surf club watching the dolphins playing! Fabulous! We stayed at "Esplanade Apartments", which was really reasonably priced. They do have a website and i found it using the search engine! Im no good at links!!!!!!:biglaugh: We didnt go with any areas in mind but worked our way around and picked up the local paper on property day and went to house viewings all over the shop which are great as they are open viewings. Guess area is all dependent on personal finances so its hard to advise where to look. Try looking at "" for rentals. Will give an idea. Hope this helps and enjoy the reccie! Yvonne x

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