Getting photos developed?

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    We just had some fab portraits done here in the UK. I am wondering how easy it is to get them printed (and prices) in Oz? I usually do it online - are there places online in Oz?


    Jo xx

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    Guest salisbury massive



    I take it you went to a professional studio. Sometimes they offer you a CD with the photos loaded on them for a fee. I would go back to them and explain you are moving to Australia and see if they will put them on a disc. It ca't be that hard since its all digital these days. This you could bring with you and take to any place like Big W, Rabbit photo, Harvey Norman etc and have them printed for a fee.


    Alternatively you could use somewhere like snapfish. If you have the photos on your computer you can just upload them to an album and have them printed and delivered.


    Snapfish has a UK and Oz website. I use it quite a lot as my sister in law creates an album and I can print whatever pics I want from her album.


    Buy a scanner and scan the prints to your computer is another option.



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    Ahhh thanks - I have snapfish over here! They are on aCD - I will want some printed with a matt finish and things thats all. I'm sure I'll find a way. Thanks xxx

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