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Job Vacancies - Plumber/Tiler

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    Guest GIPSY

    HI Guys


    We are coming over on a permanent visa on 5th June and would like to try and secure a job for my husband before arriving if possible?


    He is a self-employed plumbing and heating engineer over here and his main work is in installing/ repairing boilers and full bathroom renovations including wall and floor tiling. Most of his work is passed on by word of mouth.


    Does anyone know of any vacancies or can advise the best next steps? We may be too early, but I didn't want to leave it too late. We did get the Saturday paper when we came over on our reccie and there were vacancies advertised, but we would like to get a head start if possible.


    Prior to plumbing he was a machien tool fitter for umpteen years, so he could use this this path as a backup if needed.


    Any help/ advice much appreciated


    Hayley :wubclub:

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