Bushfire at Sheidow Park - Southern Expressway Closed

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    Info from,22606,25049173-5006301,00.html


    Just hope everyone is ok and it doesn't amount to anything major.


    Looks like a long drive home for some tonight.


    BREAKING NEWS: A grass fire is threatening homes near the Southern Expressway in the Morphett Vale area.

    The fire is burning alongside the expressway near Sheidow Park.

    The expressway has just been closed to all traffic.

    AdelaideNow has been told residents in Platform Avenue, Encounter Rd and Young St, all in Sheidow Park, are being evacuated.

    The fire has caused traffic chaos in the southern suburbs, with reports of a seven-car pile-up and a five-car pile-up in the area.

    Police say sightseers in the area are hampering the efforts of emergency services personnel, and ask that people stay away from the fire.

    Second fire near Darlington

    A man is being questioned by police who believe he lit a campfire which got out of control, sparking a second fire near Darlington.

    That fire, which was near Seacombe Rd, was contained by firefighters around 3.40pm.

    MFS and CFS crews are in attendance and aerial assistance has been requested.

    Backburning is expected to play a role in the operation.

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    Became aware of the smoke just before leaving home for school pick up this arvo.

    And near school lots of smoke and action with airborne helicopters and plane.


    Lonsdale is moving fine, can't give account of any other road but it appears that the fire is now under control or extinguished as brown haze of smoke and smell have eased.


    Dette :unsure:

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    Can you believe it! If people haven't learnt from the Victorian bushfires ... 2 teenagers were arrested near the scene. Unbelievable!

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    Guest Trakki

    It took me an hour and a half to get home from work,normally a 30-40 min journey. So many crashes as people had been nosy. Some people had just gone for a nose and after they had driven past were doing U turns to go home. I really enjoyed the hour and a half in a car with no air con after a really busy shift at work and no slepp last night and feeling sick all the way. Some people are just plain sad that they have to go and have a look!!!!!!:realmad:


    Got home and downed so much water and now have a sunburned arm!!!!! Anyway I will stop ranting now and I hope no-one has been affected, I think they got it under control quite quick.


    Sorry will stop moaning now:biglaugh:

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