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FIRB, Provisional visa Holders

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    Guest betty22


    I have just found out via immigration SA the following information

    Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

    Great news for our provisional visa holders. They

    are not required to get an approval from FIRB

    when purchasing a property.


    Temporary residents’ exemption

    Temporary residents will not be required to

    notify proposed acquisitions of:

    · an established dwelling for their own

    residence (not for investment purposes);

    · any new dwellings; and

    · single blocks of vacant residential land (other

    acquisitions of vacant land will require

    notification and will normally be approved

    subject to development within 24 months).

    The exemption will include acquisitions of

    property by temporary residents via their wholly

    owned trust or Australian incorporated



    Another thing for provisional visa holders to cross off their list :)



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    Guest soggy


    the changes are due to come in late Feb to early March, according to the FIRB website it has not changed yet but should be very soon, maybe it has and they are just slow at updating the site. I am watching this very closely as am looking to buy a house in a hurry very soon.:D:D



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