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Feedback / help - '3' contract

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    Guest KarenR


    Has anyone else taken out a combined wireless broadband and phone contract with ‘three’? I only ask as when I log onto the My3 - My Summary page it says that I have a total of $27.55 against my ‘Spend Since Last Bill’. I’ve only had the contract since Friday and as I don’t know what the costs are against but it seems to just keep growing. I’ve gone back to where I brought it from and explained the problem to them but they just said they didn’t know where the charges were coming from and that the first bill is never accurate and not to worry. Which is easier said than done and if I am accruing $25 of charges every 3 days I dread to think what the bill will be at the end of the month!!

    I would really appreciate some feedback or help/explanation of what the charges are with it.

    Thank you


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