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    Guest markjohn

    Hi all,

    We are at the stage of selling the house and setting sail for Adelaide.We are coming on a Sir 495 visa where you have to invest $100,000 in Government bonds for a year to gain the extra 5 points.Our main concern is that it is a temporary visa and having read the posts on here am worried that it seems that getting work is so much harder as most ads say permanent residents only apply.

    Could any of you who have gone on Temp visas shed any light on this


    Mark and Sara

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    i think you are a bit confused there, if i can say so..................

    whilst the ads will read " must have residency"; this essentially means resident for tax reasons; which you would be.......even on a temporary visa:)


    there are a few job losses, but tbh, that is in the elizabeth area, where the holden factory is. if your job is in demand; eg, nursing, medicine, dentistry or affiliated, you will have no trouble. i cant say for the building trade, accountancy etc................check the job sites, really.

    i am on a temp visa, as the main applicant, and the oh has found a job within 8 weeks of being here......albeit as a casual. i am applying for perm residency just now, which will make things easier, but nowhere near as easy as the uk!!

    hope it helps, and the best of luck to you.





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