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    Hi guys,


    Two years ago we were ready to apply for visa's and had some sad news so shelved everything. Now we are ready to start again in our quest to come to Adelaide and I can't believe how expensive houses have gone! We will probably need to live down the south area, hopefully by the coast. i can see, from reading, that Christies Beach, Noarlunga area's and down that way, are apparently up and coming area's. Are they nice places to live with a 9 yr old son who loves rugby union? We will hopefully have about $300000 to buy(inc. mortgage). What's happening with work out there, there seems to be los of people looking for work. I'm a nurse practitioner, so hopefully i'll get work. Martyn's a Tiler - what's his chances of finding work, any ideas. We'd be grateful for any guidence.



    Bev, Martyn and Alex (9)

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    Guest kangomik

    just before xmas it was said that Christies beach was the biggest dropping area for price!!!!!

    Theres two sides to every story, the real estate agents say theres never been a better time to buy. People struggling on low hours reckon its hard to pay the bills even with the huge intrest rate drop!

    I think 4 years ago would have been a great time to buy, they feel expensive now, but time will tell if they go up or down.


    Work wise i am sure you will both find something. Good luck with the process, it's all worth it in the end!

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