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how much

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    Guest coral

    can anyone tell me how much it cost them in total to move from uk to austraila cause my silly hubby wants to wait until we sell house but i say to start now please help:swoon:

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    Hi there,


    we are obviously in different circumstances, but I'll give you the run down of what it cost us.


    Visa costs 2700 GBP, meds 800 GBP, Container from Scotland to Adelaide 2400 GBP (insurance was 8% of goods we wanted to list).

    Paying off all bills and anything else outstanding before you leave (varies, you will know yourself)

    Flights for 4 2100 gbp.

    deposit for accommodation (rental $2400).


    The rest of the spending happens when you are here, just depends on what you put in your container, how far in advance you send your stuff, we waited 3 months this end before we got everything, but replaced quite a lot which is where the expense this side came in. If you can it is worth while sending everything sharp and live with family if that is an option to you. That way you can save a bit of money on the rent/mortgage that you paid and not as much either on the bills.


    Don't want to put a bad spin on it, but you have to be prepared just in case you don't get jobs as quickly as you hoped, unless either of you already has one to come to.


    Also transport when you get here, one car is enough initially, until you both get a job and this is also something that may not alter as you could be close enough to transport links to get to your place of employment.


    Everybody's experience is different so you will no doubt get more responses to this.


    Hope all this makes sense, I've read over it again and I'm not too sure myself now.

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    Guest Martin and Val

    I would say more or less around the 15K then you start spending here also which soon mounts up.

    If you have jobs in the UK and you are able to wait until the house is sold then thats what I would suggest. We rent our house out in the UK and to be honest we have spent almost half the income on repairs so far, stupid little things that the tenant finds fault with and a failed gas safety check resulted in new boiler and associated works.

    We wish we sold before we came but then again we couldn't sell either. Its a catch 22 situation and only you can decide which is the best option for you.

    Sorry not much help


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    Guest Lisado

    Hi there


    To be honest I wish we had put our house up right at the beginning (2 years ago) and rented, when we started thinking about coming over to Oz. Now we are bloomin stuck. Application process nearly over and no house sale. We left it until October last year to go to estate agents but started the visa process in May! In fact we have been asked by agents to drop it again by £5k - I am pig sick as we will be in negative equity soon :realmad:


    I am worried about renting when I hear horror stories of what can happen and dont want the house to be in a mess in 2 years when the markets pick up again.


    My advice for what its worth is to get the house up now


    Its driving me to drink :goofy:


    Loads of luck, Lisa

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