Can you recommend (or not!) a school?

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    Hi all,


    My eldest, Aaron, is 5 and will be looking for a new school asap. We have no real idea of where we are going to live, but our OAA is in Port Adelaide and we are thinking we'll end up somewhere between there and slightly south of Glenelg. Not in the CBD though - kind of thinking in an 'arc' like shape around the city, lol.


    If anyone has knowledge of primary schools in this area, please let me know. Good and bad points wanted!!




    Jo xxx

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    Guest Kazzarazza

    Hi Jo.


    West Lakes Shore Primary/Junior Schools, Edwin Street, West Lakes Shore has a great reputation and I understand there are lots of English kids there too (a lot of the UK Police settle in this area as the Police Academy is just north of Port Adelaide) Tel: (08) 8449 7255. Do a Google search and I'm sure you'll find more info.


    The kids occasionally go for lessons on the beach (how good is that) and the parent involvement is fantastic so it could also be very good for you - very family oriented.


    Good luck.

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    Reynella East...primary & high school next door to each other....



    I have 2 at the primary and one at the high school....but you MUST live in the zone, especially for the high school. Very popular school....which has led to them having to be very strict. Probably would still get into Primary school out of zone. Plans afoot to make it a R-12

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